Wow! What a surprise! I came home to an unexpected package from my friend (and customer) Lisa E.! You see tomorrow is my birthday and she surprised me with a gift and a "naughty" card too! It was so nice and so thoughtful of her I just had to share it with you, because well, she is so creative and crafty! Lisa knows how much I like Halloween, so she made sure to use that theme in her gift.

Here is the personalized bag all the goodies came in, complete with, pumpkin and candy corn tissue paper! Awesome!

Inside this super cute bag, was a Top Note purse filled with German chocolates…just what the doctor ordered! YUM! These won't last long!! There were other goodies in the bag, but well, they didn't last long (just kidding, I wouldn't eat them in all one sitting…nope, I won't I promise!)

And the Pièce de résistance

The envelope please. The envelope had the following stamped on it:

Go bra-less…it pulls the wrinkles out of your face! LOL!! This definitely made my day!

000_0004 …the backside. She even stamped her "Hand stamped by…" on the right cheek which made it look like a tattoo!

I ask you, how cute is that?! Thank you again so much Lisa! Your thoughtfulness is amazing! Happy Birthday to me!



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