Stay tuned for some neat St. Patty’s day and Easter cards…

I haven’t been doing much stamping lately and I apologize. And here’s why…at the beginning of the month I slipped and fell on ice that was covered by snow while walking my dogs at the school near my house. I really thought I cracked my head open! It sure sounded like it. It was one of those falls that I was walking one minute and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back. I was rushed to the hospital and after a cat scan (the doctors were concerned that I had cerebral hemorrhaging) and several x-rays later they found that I suffered a fracture to a lumbar vertebrae and terrible bump on my head. Very scary, and I was lucky. I guess I can really say I have a hard head!
So I’ve wearing my back brace and taking it easy. I should be able to post up some new St. Patty’s Day and Easter cards. I also got some new stamp sets that I need to try out.
Don’t forget about the Blogger’s Challenge. I’ll need your submissions for March 9th.
Until next time!
Happy Stamping!


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