This month's product spotlight is Powder Pals!

Don’t you just love working with glitter, but hate that it goes everywhere?! Powder Pals work great to contain your glitter and embossing powders. With the built-in funnel, they are designed specifically to return the excess powder and glitter back into their original containers. When cleaning the Powder Pals, the provided brush and a paper towel doesn’t always cut it. They will leave extra powder in the tray. A good demonstrator tip is to use a Swifter disposable cloth to wipe it all away!

Also before your first use of a Powder Pal, wash the trays with liquid dish detergent to remove the film from the manufacturing process. Avoid touching the inside whenever possible, as the oils from your hands can leave a residue and the powders will stick to it.

Powder Pals come in two tray sizes and include the brush. (Open area of tray measures 10" x 13" for the large tray and 6" x 6-3/4" for the small tray).

Here's a picture of my well used trays and brush:

The set retails for $19.95 and well worth every penny!

Contact me to order yours today!

Happy stamping!


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