I'm back with the tutorial I promised for the pop-up portion of the Tequila Sunrise card. I had to re-make sections in order to properly "demonstrate" it for you!


1-3/4" Circle Punch
Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive
Card Stock (your choice of colors)*
Paper Snips

Tip: Be sure you use the same color as the inside of your card, so that the pop-up blends!

Step 1
Punch out two circlesPopupcardtutorial_1
(or more if you wish)

Step 2
Using your Paper Snips, cut both your cirlces in a spiralPopupcardtutorial_2, all the way to the end.

You can do three circle punches for three spirals, to make your card more interesting.

Popupcardtutorial_3 This is how it will look like when you're done cutting. It looks like an apple or orange peel, right?! Hmm, I must be hungry.

I'm still on this diet, and I can't have fruit yet so don't mind me!
I've lost 33 lbs so far, so I'm very pleased!! Just another 11 more to go!

Step 3
Put adhesive on one end of spiral and adhere to inside of card, let it dry.Popupcardtutorial_5
See the cirlced areas for where I applied the adhesive.
Then put adhesive on the other end of the spiral, and close card. Let it dry for a little bit. This way the "spring" will open and close properly.

Step 5

Do the same for the second circle punch spiral.

Step 6
Add your "accessories" using a little bit of adhesive.


In my example, instead of doing a third spiral I did a standalone pop-up.Project

I took another 1-3/4" circle punch, folded it in half, cut two parallel slits, folded the "tab" out and adhered my drink onto it. The tab will fold down with the drink.

Here is a closer picPopupcardTutorial_8ture.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Stamping!



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