As I mentioned in a previous post I'm taking a "Kick Butt Training Class". The purpose is to help me grow my business, providing me with the steps and motivation needed to be successful. With this class comes homework.

Tomorrow night is the class …
Set up home organization system – check
Think of how much time you will invest in business – check
Decide on a format for career album – 6 x 6" – check
Three scrapbook pages for my career album – check
Write and send a press release – check (follow up tomorrow)
Create a marketing plan/calendar for each event I planned last week – one event was done already…planning for next upcoming event…March 20th – Spring Fling!
Start a blog (have had one for over two years now) – check

I have more homework, but you get the picture. In as much as the home organization system, I cleaned up my craft room, however I'm still missing my battery charger for my camera. Until I find it I can't post any new pictures. 🙁

I'm still looking. I think I may have lost it at the last event I was at. Hmm.

Stamper Rewards

I love my customers and to prove it…

I am introducing my customer appreciation
program, Stamper Rewards. Any customer that purchases $50 or more from me receives
a punch in my Stamper Rewards card. Fill up the card and you're
eligible for $30.00 off your next purchase with me. Plus you'll have
access to a special loyal customer website, with access to other extras and promotions throughout the year!

This program is retroactive from January, so anyone who has purchased from me will be notified. This program is only valid with purchases made through me and my website.

Until next time…


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