This is so cool! My Digital Studio (AKA MDS) can be used with your digital cutter (like Silhouette)

This is Bonnie who is always one of our main stage presenters at convention.


Here are few things to note.

  • MDS 2+ Stamp brush sets: The majority of the stamps brush sets in
    MDS 2+ are .svg files. Some of the stamps, such as the ones that give a
    real “grunge” look don’t work as .svg’s because of the way they are
    designed, but the majority of them are .svg files. We have updated
    those .svg stamp brush sets in the download manager. If you had
    previously purchased any of those stamp brush sets as individual
    downloads, you can find them in your download manager and reload them in
    their .svg format.
  • Stamp sets going forward: The majority of our new stamp brush sets
    going forward will be in the .svg format. Again, there are a few that
    won’t work as .svg files because of the way they are designed, but most
    of the stamps brushes you see in the future will be .svg’s.
  • How do I know if a stamp brush set is a .svg file?  When you are
    shopping for new downloads, if they stamps are .svg files, it will be
    noted by an SVG icon. If you are redownloading an old stamp brush set,
    the .svg format will not be noted, and you will have to check the MDS 2+
  • Old stamp brush sets: At the moment, we don’t plan on going back and
    reconfiguring the old stamp brush sets as .svg files. We’ll let you know
    if we change that, but for now, don’t plan on it.


Yes, you read it right! If you’ve already purchased MDS +2 files, you can go back and download the .svg files! Cool beans! Click here to get your copy of MDS!



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