I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day with their significant other! I had a quiet day myself. I had prepared 7 cards that I made at the shoebox swap I mentioned a few weeks ago to share with you but I had an accident. I dropped my MacBook Pro laptop computer. When I first started it up everything was working fine, or so I thought. I shut it down and I went to work. When I got to work and tried to restart it, it wasn't booting from the hard drive. I tried several different things and found that my hard drive failed…note to myself, make sure to back up the computer more often!! That being said the pictures are no longer on the camera and for right now I cannot access them on the laptop's hard drive along with everything else I've stored on it!

I made an appointment at the Apple store and the "Genius" there went through the same diagnostics I did myself and was told they don't do data recovery. I have a few more things I am going to try, but for now I am working on a PC that I haven't used since 2008. So I've pretty much spent my entire day today, updating it, doing a virus scan (found a trojan horse – UGH!) and trying to get myself organized again. It may be a while before I can start posting up pictures for you. But I will keep you updated on my adventures!

Oh and I cannot forget to mention that on top of the laptop, my Blackberry decided to quit. Wanna talk about being ready to cry?! Seriously I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown! After a trip yesterday to the Verizon store and them putting some code in it, it is back to normal. Phew! But I was told it badly needed a software update…well the software was on the Parallels portion of my laptop. Nice!

Anyway if you've emailed me in the last two days, please send your message again, since I might not have gotten it with all the glitches I've been having.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while I work through this nightmare!

Happy Stamping!



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