Hand made cards…

*  Cheaper

*  Fun!

*  Shows the person that you really care.

*  Most people who get a hand made card keeps them. Most even show them off!  What store bought card do they show off?

*  Lets you get together with your family/friends to make them!

*  Very rewarding!

*  Creates something so nice!

*  Spend $20.00 on a card, spend another $5.00 on an ink pad…making a
card with these things…PRICELESS!

*  More Personal! You can add things that you can’t get on a store bought

*  Make a one of a kind!!

*  Good stress Reliever!!

*  With the cost of a card being around $3.49 plus tax, plus gas, plus
time…you could have made 3-5 cards and saved money!!

*  The card is personal – made especially for that person!


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