Hello stampers and fellow Halloween lovers! Our Halloween here in New Jersey got a bit rained out. Some of the headstones in my Dead End Cemetery fell over and my Angel of Death came down due to the weight of the rain on his spooky garments. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to take the pictures beforehand, so these are pictures after the fact. And, yes, I do live at a dead end, well cul de sac actually.

It was really a bummer that it rained, because I didn't want to ruin some of my props, so they didn't get lit. There is a motorized coffin at the top of the picture (see the large RIP) there that opens and closes…

This was my new addition for this year, and unfortunately again, because of the weather he didn't go out…a sort of Jack Skellington if you will. I had gotten a cloaked reaper from Grandin Road. I took the skull off, rigged up a lighted pumpkin for the head and voila! Spooky.

I hope you enjoyed your Halloween…now I'm off to make some Thanksgiving and Christmas projects for my newsletter!



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